Sunday, June 12, 2011

selamat tinggal my fish T_T

i have a fish..just a normal fish but very precious for me as i jage dia sangat baik. i first met the fish at the end of march 2011 that was before my final exam. i know that my fish pernah sakit before this. i took it and placed in a glass jar and put it somewhere. started from that day aku makin rapat ngan my fish. that fish always make me happy, always wat aku gelak. then i realised i love to spend time with my fish and every second we've spent together was the precious moment for me. then aku dah start put the fish at the special place. place where i can see it every night before i fell asleep, where i can see it once i wake up and open my eyes. place where aku bole cari and talk to when i feel incomplete. senang cakap dia cam my everything. aku bagi dia makan yang cukup, balang selalu dicuci, sume yang dia perlu aku dah sediakan. aku nak tengok dia every minute, 24-7. is that enough to tell the world that i really love my fish?? day by day, week to week, month changes. now already almost 4 months i 'bela' the fish. but the fish cam dah lain.  maybe boring dengan life dia yang just dalam balang tu je kan. ikan tu selalu mengelak bile aku masukkan tangan ke dalam balang tu. tak cam before this ikan tu akan dekat ngan tangan aku tiap kali aku wat camtu. aku sedih, aku terasa. kenapa ye?? i realized, i know, i admit but i don't know what to do. i think i know tapi i don't have guts to do that. the only thing aku bole wat is lepaskan dia dan biarkan dia berenang bebas or have another owner. owner yang lg baik, tak wat dia boring, senang cakap orang yang bole bg everything it needed. something yang maybe aku tak bole bagi. ok, my fish, good bye dear. to let you go is the last thing i will do. kalo tu yang wat my fish hepi, aku tak kesah. kalo dia balik kat aku, dia memang yang aku. kalo tak maybe ikan yang lg baik, yang lebih hargai hati pompuan aku datang kat aku. i know hati dia dah terpaut kat orang yang take a good care of 'it' time dia sakit dulu. my fish, i wish i was that girl. i wish i know you long ago, at the time u sakit uh. so that i can be in your eyes and in your heart. but its too late. there's no place for me right.  for my fish, take a good care of yourself because i care..the moment aku lepaskan my fish dia terus bla, langsung tak pusing kat aku. tapi aku nyesal sebab aku tak pernah cakap kat ikan tu aku sayang dia. kalo aku cakap mungkin ke jadi camni? will the fish stay at the moment i let it go?? uhhh, sedihhhh...bye bye 'ikan'...

p/s to ikan yang lain:don't swim into my life if u tend to leave me T_T

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