Monday, June 13, 2011

aku ikan??

 i was cry for the time you were almost mine. i cry for the memories i've left behind. i cry for the pain, the lost, the old, the new, i cry for the time i thought i had you..the weirdest thing happened in this morning. i woke up with tears in my eyes and one rolling down my cheek. and i knew i must be dreaming of my dream i saw my ikan but it was too far as i can't reach with my hand. i really want to touch it but i can't. the only thing that i could do is see it from the distance. it hurt me too deep. time ni aku rase cam ialah seekor ikan yang dipancing oleh kau la plak..aku makan umpan kau then kau lepaskan aku balik ke laut. boy, it was hurting me! how can i continue living after aku sakit kene kail kau? one thing you should know..bile kau g memancing then ikan melekat kat kail kau kau tak bole lepaskan balik ke laut. ikan tu akan terseksa dengan bisanya mata kail kau. ikan tu akan mati or teruskan idop dalam keadaan have guts to do that??yes, you are! and i am that fish. terbalik. before ni kau ibarat ikan tu but kali ni akulah ikan tu weyh..trying to forget someone that we love is like trying to remember someone that we never really need guts and need times. nak sambung tido dah T_T

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