Sunday, June 12, 2011

love story

one fine day a boy and girl walked together in the summer air..they were in love. they walked while holding hand. they were happy together as there were no tomorrow. as they want to spend that moment preciously. the girl gave the sweet smile as always. they talked about life, about the future, and many more. then....

girl: do you love me?
boy: no
the girl quite shocked and continue

girl: am i in your heart?
boy: no
the girl felt so sad

girl: will you dry if i die?
boy: no
the girl started to turn around and cry..the boy grab her hand and said "i'm not just love you but i'm really love you,you are not in my heart but you are my heart, i will not cry if you die but i will die"

*hehehe...kalaulah ada boy yang romantik camni ngan aku...

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