Saturday, June 25, 2011

a day with my girlfriend!

i've just finished chit chatting with my girlfriend, SARAH MUSAZAY. she turned to 21 yesterday. btw, happy belated birthday sarah, may Allah bless you always and hope our friendship will last forever. she from Afghanistan and lives in Saudi Arabia. before that she and her family live in US. wow, she is very beautiful. i adore her. she has a perfect eyebrow, beautiful black eyes, nice skin and beautiful black hair. its really black, and not just black! aku bukan lesbo tau, tapi memuji keindahan ciptaan tuhan je..we've talked about our different culture, economics here and there, about the people, about the future and many moooooore. then she asked me to paint on her hand like mine by using henna. she was so impressed with my work..bangga je aku cite. sambil taip idung kembang semangkuk je..haha. then she suggested me to run business on body painting,,what??nonsense..dah ar aku cilok design dari google je. lawak lah sarah ni. haha..ok, one day chatting with her totally changed pandangan aku kat foreigner, lantak r stereotype ke ape. what i'm trying to say is bukan sume foreigner berlagak. alhamdulillah kawan aku yang ni baik!

then she taught me how to colour my hair using henna. whoaaaa, nice dude! memang yakin seratus peratus memang sah buat solat. sume natural sources. takde unsur-unsur meragukan langsung ok. nanti balik aku nak buat..i will! thanks sarah! nanti kalo jadi aku akan bagi resepinya ye =)


  1. sori na tnye,sarah ni kos ape ek sekarang?dulu mase 1st sem she's in my class but now da xnmpk da kat tahu je..:D

  2. Bagi foreigner, ade stereotype local berlagak. Bagi local, ade stereotype foreigner berlagak. memang kalau macam ni students of IIUM cannot be united..