Wednesday, June 27, 2012

lies and promises

when i trust, u lied..
when i love, u left..
when i'm make myself available, u ignore..
when i'm silence u text me..
when i reply u silence.

ok, i've had enough. you broke our promises. u started your day with all those lies. yes dear, i love to listening to lies when i know the truth! are u really went to the bank or send a teacher to school?? i gave u a song u even did't read it far to reply.  so now i wonder what i meant to u. 

words of the heart

in the time of test, we surely will find someone who can comfort us. during this time i prefer family and my best friends. now i would like to write about my besties. we've knew each other long ago, since we were 13 (2003). alhamdulillah our friendship grow together with us. having them as my friends is a bless.

we laugh, we cry, we fell, we stand, we fight, we are friend, we are foe, we are family. kami membesar saling mengenali dan memahami satu sama lain. we united from the challenge we faced, that's what made us strong and the reason behind our endless friendship. nothing can separate us apart.

until now, they still in my heart and forever will be. they stay no matter what. that's what a friend is about. they walk into our life while the others walk out. i love u~ 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

sorry for myself

dear stomach,
sorry for the butterflies. they will come whenever i feel happy, whenever i'm nervous for doing something. sesungguhnya aku tak sengaja. they came uninvited. also sorry for makan terlalu banyak. burger 2 bijik every night plus nasi goreng sepinggan penuh. please jangan merajuk. jangan stop buat keje kau. thanks sebab jadi perut yang rajin. pagi-pagi kau dah buang siap ape yang kau tak nak =)

dear fingers,
sorry for the hard hit i gave u whenever i'm angry. sorry for using u for many things. for typing, assignment last minit, taip message, taip kat blog, yang paling penting untuk korek hidung and korek telinga.hihi. i can't imagine what my life could be without 10 of u. don't hurt yourself k. nanti kalo korang luka susah aku nak makan..pedih. susah aku nak korek hidung. nanti hidung aku tersumbat.

dear feet,
thanks for being patience with me. i've used u for many purposes. walk non-stop, masuk hutan keluar hutan, tendang pintu and whatsoever whenever aku marah. sori....

dear brain,
sorry for the problem i gave u. mathematics problem was the hardest i think. plus annoying problem regarding life.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

forget her..start a new life!

dear awak,
tadi awak ngadu kat saya awak cakap awak sedih kan...awak cakap banyak dugaan awam sem ni kan. ok, listen here (tu pon kalo awak baca blog saya ni lah kannn)

according what i heard from u..and some yang i korek-korek...i know u love her sooooo much! that's where your mistakes started. next time dear, don't let anyone become your everything because when they leave u'll get nothing. tak salah nak sayang tapi jangan sampai at the end u yang merana. wake up dear, jangan tunjuk yang u lemah. tunjuk yang u tu ok. dia tengah happy, bahagia, gembira takkan u nak buang masa fikir pasal dia lagi. keep smiling even though u have to wear a fake smile! never think it was the end of your life. everyday is a new beginning. treat it that way, stay away from what might have been and look at what could be. u will never get anywhere u're meant to go by travelling yesterday's road. it's a new day, so find a new way!

if u ever want to find a person who would be able to overcome any difficult situation, even the worst one, and make yourself happy when anyone cannot do is look at the mirror and say "hello"..its u lah! look into yourself and u will find a true hero. never regret anything that happened in your life as it was what Allah tests u..not to burden u, but to make the stronger u. remember, life only once. right now is the only moment guaranteed to you. smile through the hard times, even though it doesn't always seem to get any better. smile is the first step to fix things. the trick is to enjoy life by noticing what's right.


*gambar bunga takde motif actually..sje nk berbunga malam ni =)
*ni je kot..mood nak menulis takde dah. sedikit kecewa. see u again nanti. kalo ada jodoh. next sem insyaAllah..salam.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

pagi yg humphhhhh....

bangun pagi..tak gosok gigi..bukak lappy...bukak fb. dish dish dish!!! hati, kepala, otak aku terpukul. padan muka kau asma! kene tipu wekkkkkk! sape suruh kau percaya?? hidup-hidup kau kene kencing. basah lencun! konon dah tak contact kan. baru lagi kot. 12 Mei..wadehel! kenapa dia selalu tipu kau??eh jap2..kenapa kau selalu kene tipu??naive sangat, ape yang kau nak buat sekarang? nak teruskan ke nak stop,huh? memang la dah agak lama tapi tu kan dalam tempoh kau percaya dia dah tak contact perempuan tu. kau tak rasa kau bangang plus bebal ke kalau kau percaya dia?seriously kesian gila kat kau. kau memang tak bernasib baik selalu. first of all, kau kena mandi bunga, buat solat taubat, solat tolak bala!

aku pon tak tau. banyak kali aku ditipu, banyak kali aku bangan pegi percaya balik. aku tough ke aku bangang eh? hurmmm, tapi kan dah memang aku cam ni nak buat camne....i find myself hard to love but once i love someone i love him hard. oh nooo, this time i have to hardened my heart. jangan percaya ngan alasan yang dia bagi dah before my heart broken hardly. yeahhhh, u have to play hard la brader!!

i trully love you. but this is how you pay me. with all those lies! ok, go on with your dream girl! i'm giving up. how can i penetrate your heart while there's someone else inside. sorry, i'm sick of this game which is at the end i will always become a loser. until when i have to be a loser?takkan forever loser kot...

*dialog dalaman aku... LOSER =___='