Saturday, June 2, 2012

pagi yg humphhhhh....

bangun pagi..tak gosok gigi..bukak lappy...bukak fb. dish dish dish!!! hati, kepala, otak aku terpukul. padan muka kau asma! kene tipu wekkkkkk! sape suruh kau percaya?? hidup-hidup kau kene kencing. basah lencun! konon dah tak contact kan. baru lagi kot. 12 Mei..wadehel! kenapa dia selalu tipu kau??eh jap2..kenapa kau selalu kene tipu??naive sangat, ape yang kau nak buat sekarang? nak teruskan ke nak stop,huh? memang la dah agak lama tapi tu kan dalam tempoh kau percaya dia dah tak contact perempuan tu. kau tak rasa kau bangang plus bebal ke kalau kau percaya dia?seriously kesian gila kat kau. kau memang tak bernasib baik selalu. first of all, kau kena mandi bunga, buat solat taubat, solat tolak bala!

aku pon tak tau. banyak kali aku ditipu, banyak kali aku bangan pegi percaya balik. aku tough ke aku bangang eh? hurmmm, tapi kan dah memang aku cam ni nak buat camne....i find myself hard to love but once i love someone i love him hard. oh nooo, this time i have to hardened my heart. jangan percaya ngan alasan yang dia bagi dah before my heart broken hardly. yeahhhh, u have to play hard la brader!!

i trully love you. but this is how you pay me. with all those lies! ok, go on with your dream girl! i'm giving up. how can i penetrate your heart while there's someone else inside. sorry, i'm sick of this game which is at the end i will always become a loser. until when i have to be a loser?takkan forever loser kot...

*dialog dalaman aku... LOSER =___='


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  2. assalamualaikum.. is not ur fault to be blame at..
    to trust is what we do in our life but the way u put the trust in someone will bring u a big different..
    i might sound nonsense because i dont really know the situation but as a fren i'll try my best to calm ur heart..insyallah.

    love is something we cannot control..but Allah is the one..hrm, it may be hard but once u fill the emptiness in ur heart with His love, then human love will be more than just a part of world play at first until completely done by ijab n qabul.

    i indeed a guy n a person who love to fall in love^^

    honestly its been almost 4 years i've been in love with someone that i know but i never tell her till now..ppl may said that i am a coward 4 not telling her but to me it is because Allah not yet give me the right time to confess..even though i've seen her with other lovers before but i keep my faith if she's mine than i should not stop from loving her n make doa to her so that she will always see Allah as the one in her heart..

    n about lying..we cant expect others to be honest to us 100% coz we also never been 100% honest in our life no matter who we dealing forgiveness is the best to avoid sadness..insyallah u can do that^^

    sorry if i talk to much and u r the 2nd girlfren that i ever tell about my love story..hehe~

    be strong by lending His strength^^..wasalam~

  3. hye awak...thanks for your kindly comment. panjang..very inspiring!thanks a lot^^