Wednesday, June 27, 2012

words of the heart

in the time of test, we surely will find someone who can comfort us. during this time i prefer family and my best friends. now i would like to write about my besties. we've knew each other long ago, since we were 13 (2003). alhamdulillah our friendship grow together with us. having them as my friends is a bless.

we laugh, we cry, we fell, we stand, we fight, we are friend, we are foe, we are family. kami membesar saling mengenali dan memahami satu sama lain. we united from the challenge we faced, that's what made us strong and the reason behind our endless friendship. nothing can separate us apart.

until now, they still in my heart and forever will be. they stay no matter what. that's what a friend is about. they walk into our life while the others walk out. i love u~ 

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