Sunday, June 3, 2012

forget her..start a new life!

dear awak,
tadi awak ngadu kat saya awak cakap awak sedih kan...awak cakap banyak dugaan awam sem ni kan. ok, listen here (tu pon kalo awak baca blog saya ni lah kannn)

according what i heard from u..and some yang i korek-korek...i know u love her sooooo much! that's where your mistakes started. next time dear, don't let anyone become your everything because when they leave u'll get nothing. tak salah nak sayang tapi jangan sampai at the end u yang merana. wake up dear, jangan tunjuk yang u lemah. tunjuk yang u tu ok. dia tengah happy, bahagia, gembira takkan u nak buang masa fikir pasal dia lagi. keep smiling even though u have to wear a fake smile! never think it was the end of your life. everyday is a new beginning. treat it that way, stay away from what might have been and look at what could be. u will never get anywhere u're meant to go by travelling yesterday's road. it's a new day, so find a new way!

if u ever want to find a person who would be able to overcome any difficult situation, even the worst one, and make yourself happy when anyone cannot do is look at the mirror and say "hello"..its u lah! look into yourself and u will find a true hero. never regret anything that happened in your life as it was what Allah tests u..not to burden u, but to make the stronger u. remember, life only once. right now is the only moment guaranteed to you. smile through the hard times, even though it doesn't always seem to get any better. smile is the first step to fix things. the trick is to enjoy life by noticing what's right.


*gambar bunga takde motif actually..sje nk berbunga malam ni =)
*ni je kot..mood nak menulis takde dah. sedikit kecewa. see u again nanti. kalo ada jodoh. next sem insyaAllah..salam.

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