Monday, May 14, 2012 only hope is You

Dear Allah,

If I destined to fall in love again at this age please give me a pure love. love that can bring me peace, happiness and blessing from You. The most important is let it be the last love for me ever. Means that no broken heart, no half-way love after this. Because it was so hard to go through that situation. i was like a living-dead. at those moment, i forgot that i still have my family. 

all i could do was cried, cried and cried. macam bodoh kan??tapi that's the fact! after that i learn to accept what Allah has written for me. i filled my thought with positive thinking. "he's not for me", "he's not good enough for me", "someone better is waiting for me". itulah ayat-ayat yang aku selalu cakap kat diri aku sendiri. only through those difficulties i found myself strong enough to face the real world without anyone except Allah with me. 

and now...someone stepped into my life. who was firstly known as a stranger. now he became a part of me, maybe. Gosh, will it happen again? please don't let it be...having a broken heart is like having a broken ribs. from the outside it looks like nothing happens, but every breath hurt...


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    1. umangaih...bukan main puitis lagi

  2. haha...serius??xsangatlahhhh.... =P